Trust your designer.

Aside Project Studio is an independently operated design studio & consultancy, specializing in highly efficient, user-friendly graphic design for the Web and other interactive media, as well as printed collateral and identities for a broad range of businesses and organizations.

Music packaging

LiL iFFy Wand Out CD Packaging

Ever bought a CD because the cover was cool? Of course. We do it all the time. See, there’s power in a compelling visual. I know visuals and music, and how to put them together.

Background / George Middlebrooks

With a multidisciplinary education from the University of Tennessee and over 14 years’ professional experience in graphic design, fine arts and music, I have an extensive understanding of various aspects of communication, from interface design (both onscreen and printed), to typography, to the written word. This expertise translates into more effective and intelligent projects for any client.

I also understand the bottom-line constraints of small businesses, non-profits and independent musicians and operate with the goal of delivering high-value creative results with a sensitivity to your budget.